Build the features you've always wanted into Asana.

Add alerts, reports, integrations, buttons, and "if x then y" workflows to Asana projects - using short Python scripts.

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What can you build with Scripts for Asana?

Send alerts when events happen.

Setup alerts for your project. Use when someone has too many, or not enough, subscribed tasks, when due dates are approaching, etc.
Alert asana

Build reports about your project.

Setup custom reports. Use to send daily emails about Asana usage, weekly task assignments, and more.
Report asana

Sync Data
Sync Asana data with other apps.

Integrate Asana with other apps. Use to import tasks or projects into Asana from spreadsheets, export from Asana, sync both ways, etc.
Export asana

Click a button, run an automation.

Add buttons that, when clicked, trigger an automation. Use to cleanup projects, add tasks, calculate metrics, etc.
Run buttons asana

Event Triggers
When X happens, do Y.

Setup automations that get triggered by app events. Use to auto-assign task members, add attachments, etc.
Autoassign asana

Inspired by the world's most popular extensibility platform; designed for Asana.

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No dev setup; start scripting with 1 click.

Click the Blockspring icon, sign in with Asana, and write your script. Scripts handles OAuth2 and access tokens out of the box.

Autocomplete instead of API docs.

As you type, Scripts suggests relevant, and available, Asana functions via autocomplete. Save time from having to dig into API documentation, that's all baked in.

Catches Asana events and webhooks.

"If X then Y" scripts are as easy as choosing an event trigger and writing a function. There's no server setup, webhook provisioning, or handshakes required.

Handles Oauth, you just sign in.

Choose a 3rd party app, sign in with your account, and write your script with autocomplete. Save hours of time learning that app's API and setting up OAuth.
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